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Welcome to Lot C Media—a web based anthology exploring what it means—and what it takes—to change your life completely. Lot C Media is art with a purpose, challenging visitors to look closer, to go deeper, to think more critically, to consider more carefully, to understand more fully, to grow in ways they never imagined and change in ways they never thought they could.


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This site was created in good faith by honest folks. We believe in treating everyone fairly. If something's here that shouldn't be, tell us. Be specific. We'll listen to what you say, keep an open mind, and give you the benefit of the doubt. We promise to fix missing attributions and insufficient clearances and remove things if no other remedy can be found.


It's simple. No profiles or tracking. Nothing personal gathered, stored, or shared. We don't use cookies except for snacks. We're not selling anything! Call us naive, but we're not into "click through rates" or "conversions." Not today at least. Like? Tweet? Pin-It? All bets are off. You threw privacy away for free stuff. The problem isn't that they're selling you things. The problem is you're the thing for sale.


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Welcome to Lot C.

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