Jesus or Junk?

Whatever Works.

Jesus or Junk?

Whatever Works.

Welcome to the Top Shelf.

This is where the Good Stuff goes, the best of the best, the stuff which sets the standard, the stuff to which everything else compares.

Some say, "It's all good", but everyone knows only certain things make it to the Top Shelf, things that count more than others, things you ask for by name, things that don't belong anywhere else.

You know them when you see them.

You remember them long after they're gone.

Today, the Top Shelf contains:

The Story of the Other Wise Man.

The Junky's Christmas.

They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar.

Enjoy Responsibly.

Lot C Media proudly presents the classics above based on "fair use" provisions of copyright law, as these stories may not be in the public domain. Specifically,

Got that? Now, get to reading!

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