My Recovery Is about My Choices.

Yours is too.

My Recovery Is about My Choices.

Yours Is Too.
Kim Shaw


I was asked to write a brief biography for this page.

Here it is.

My name is Kim Shaw. I am not without sin. Not that I wanted to become the person I am today. Addiction wasn’t some gift I found under the Christmas tree or a birthday present. I never asked God to make me an addict, but just the same I am. Every day not using is like treading water, and when I am exhausted and too weak to tread, I give in. Always for the last time you understand. The lines I said I would never let my addiction take me across have all been crossed. It crossed them. It? We? I? I crossed them even as I insisted that I would not, could not, let myself and others down, again. All my hopes and dreams vanished. There was always a new bottom to fall into. I don’t believe in me, not sure if I ever did. But, I do believe in God. I am preparing to enter a 13 month residential treatment program. I excel at treatment. That isn't the problem. The problem is what I do that day I get out. That has always been the problem.

I’ll write another bio after a year. I pray that by then I have something more hopeful to say in it.

Blessings and best wishes,

Kim Shaw.

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