Trenton, New Jersey.

Trenton Street Railway 1898-1929

Trenton Transit Company 1929-1959

Streetcars abandoned in mid-thirties in favor of busses.

Above. East State Street looking west. City Hall in left foreground. 1924.

Above. N. Warren Street at Tucker. Reading Railroad Station in left foreground. 1932.

Above. State and Broad, Trenton, NJ.

Above. Car #248, J. G. Brill built, 1911, a semi-convertible. Taken at the Lalor Street car barn in Trenton. December 8, 1934.

Above. Car #292, J. G. Brill built, 1914. Taken on Stuyvesant Avenue near Beechwood Avenue in Trenton. The company abandoned service in 1934.

Above. Car #320, J. G. Brill built, 1917. Taken in downtown Trenton.

Above. State & Broad,Trenton, NJ. Click the photo for an extra high resolution image.

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