What Holds You Back?


What Holds You Back?

Sometimes, you have to stand still in order to find what really moves you.

A man with a camera seizes the moment, capturing it's complexity and simplicity all at once, finding clarity in the blur of sights and sounds, arranging color and structure and motion to suit his senses, to convey his message, to celebrate, to condemn, to empower, to undermine, to ask a question, to tell a story.

Is there some place else you'd rather go?

Is there something else you'd rather do?

Is there someone else you'd rather be?

Erste Reise.

Zweite Reise.

Dritte Reise.

Vierte Reise.

Fünfte Reise.

Sechste Reise.

Siebte Reise.

What leads you on?

What holds you back?

Sönke Böttger

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