A Slice of Life.

I didn't want to love you.


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A Slice of Life.

I Didn't Want to Love You.

Mary is a Midwesterner who attended SMU, grew up, and became a Texan. She has lived and worked in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Dalhart, and Wichita Falls and now calls Fort Worth her home.

Like most folks, she learned life’s lessons the hard way. She has written Op-Eds for the Houston Post and Houston Chronicle, scripts for videos—which she also produced—and much, much more. In her emotional moments, she reverts to poetry. She remembers fondly living and working in the Bahamas. She loves music of all kinds, horses, a black lab named Orion, her children and grands, and even her husband of 35 years! Her motto? Shopping is a fine art and should be practiced frequently!



Welcome to Lot C.

Forget everything you know about parking your car.

This is different.

This is real!