Lot C Media.

Your stories must be told.

What you are about to experience is a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to actual persons, places, themes, or events is purely coincidental.

Or is it?


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Where the Ambience Never Ends.

It Starts Here.

Turning Points:

Do you know how black the sky appears at 3AM?

Or how empty it can seem at three in the afternoon?

The first time I fell in love and finally knew the meaning of the word was the first time I held him.

Tears streaming down her face, Michelle sobbed as she whispered to Wayne, "I can't be yours anymore. I have a life here I have to live."

Wayne held her tightly. "I was the answer to your problems, the answer to your dreams."

You know this isn't your fault, right? Everything that's happened I've watched you try to prevent. He doesn't realize how lucky he is to have you.

My husband said our marriage is like the Jerry Springer Show. LOL. He doesn't know the half of it. If he only knew.

He treated me as if I was expendable. I gave him two boys. He didn't want those either. He told me he wished he'd never gotten married and had become a porn star instead.

She blurted out candidly, "It's like what you do from 15 to 25 decides what you're going to do from 25 to 65." After a moment of silence, she sighed and said in a quiet voice, "I wish I had seen that. I wish somebody had told me."

"What should I do? Tell me what to do." In a child's voice, Michelle whispered into the phone.

"Do what is right for the kids."

Wayne sighed. He knew exactly what that meant. He knew exactly where that would lead. He knew exactly what he had done.

What if somebody showed you that the road you're on led nowhere while you still had time to do something about it?

What if somebody gave you a glimpse, a hint, a moment of clarity before you got stuck in a life that you hate?

There's one last question that has to be asked, sooner or later. It may not make sense at the moment, but someday it will.

What would you give to get your innocence back?

Welcome to Lot C.

Forget everything you know about parking your car.

This is different.

This is real!